Wednesday, 23 November 2011


The reason is I too rely on him


The Mr. Right Test #1: Get into real knock-down, drag-out fight with him
You can tell just about everything you need to know about a person by the way they fight. You simply do not know someone until you’ve had a fight with them. My wife and I have saying: A relationship is only as good as its first fight. People go crazy when they fight; what you want to know about your man is how crazy does he go, and how fast — and how much time he spends in Crazyland once he’s gone there. If in the heat of a real argument your man does a pretty good job of sticking to the point, or tends to ratchet the hostility down, or if he actuallylistens to the things you’re saying, that’s a beautiful sign.
But if he goes vicious, or starts attacking you personally by going after weaknesses that in love you’ve shared with him before, or (God forbid) gets in any way physical, that, too is a sign. A “Wrong Way” sign.
he has very bad temper quarrel always ended up badly always sued bad words :(

The Mr. Right Test #2: Go on a cross-country drive with him
People are pretty good at keeping their stuff together for predetermined lengths of time. But you spend two weeks with someone in a car, and it’s like dragging Dracula outside at high noon: who they really are becomes very clear. On a long road trip, there’s nowhere for a man to hide. Sooner or later his smooth and yummy outer layer will wear off, and his inner chewy nuttiness will be revealed. Plus, a lot of unexpected stuff happens on a road trip: you get lost, a tire blows, the campsite doesn’t hold your reservation, etc. Anyone does well when things are going well; a road trip is sure to show you how your man reacts when things go like they always go in life, which is contrary to plans.

im not sure about this

The Mr. Right Test #3: Have him care for you when you’re really sick
One (emphasize: one) of the reasons men love women so much is because women are just so darn pretty. Well,
get ugly around your man for a change, and see how that works for you. Get biologically ugly: sneeze a lot, and wipe your nose on your sleeve — no, on his! — and cough like you’re trying to turn yourself inside out, and keep your hair all matted-up and funky, and just … exude Maximum Grossness. (Well, maybe not maximum grossness. No need to get arrested or anything.) How does he behave while you’re practically croaking on your couch? Is he patient, sympathetic, loving, attentive? Or does he (eventually) act like you being sick is really a drag that he wishes you’d stop? The former, of course, is great; the latter could make for one ceremony-wrecking flashback when the officiate at your wedding gets to “in sickness and in health.” Chances are (sigh) that your would-be man has already shown you how ready he is to at a moment’s notice play the role of your father. That’s cool — or whatever. But what you also need to know from him is how willing he is to step up, when you need it, and assume the role of loving mother.
he reli look after me when i was sick and he doesnt care about beauty

The Mr. Right Test #4: Watch him around other women
For many reasons we won’t here delve into (socialization, hormones, insecurity, nature, the desire to confirm that they’re as irresistible as they think they are), men flirt. Cool enough; that’s probably how you were attracted to your man in the first place. But once you and he have committed to being together exclusivelythe only message your man ever needs to be sending any other woman is ”I’m Sure You’re Very Cute, But Not to Me.” Next time the two of you attend a party, separate from him, and then watch him while
he’s in Solo Socializing mode. If you see him consistently not flirting with batting-eyed beauties, fantastic. If you do see him turning on his Mr. Spectacular show, don’t panic. At some point after the party, though, do talk to him — and for real. Tell him how his flirting with other girls hurts your feelings, and — worse, maybe — how it  makes you look like a fool, and embarrasses you before your friends. If he sees and understands the truth of that, and sincerely agrees to full-on stop flirting with other women, that’s great: relationships are about honing and smoothing. But if, knowing how it does and must make you feel, he continues to flirt with other women, then he’s being very clear about not only who he is, but about whom he expects you to be or become.
im not sure but i trust he wil nvr flirt

The Mr. Right Test #5: Watch how he treats service personnelWaiters, busboys, doormen, janitors, maids, parking attendants, delivery people, store clerks … a man’s character is revealed by how he treats such people in his life. If towards service personnel or those beneath him professionally your man is brusque, dismissive, or in even the slightest way condescending, then as sure as sharks bite he’s going to start treating you that way, too. It’s just not possible for a man who doesn’t treat everyone with respect to respect you. It’s a symptom of a problem he has that you’re not going to be able to fix. Get out right away, or go down trying.

not sure too but he always scold me stupid :(

The Mr. Right Test #6: Watch how he losesEveryone wins well: in victory, everyone is gracious, magnanimous, humble, sweet. How a guy loses, however, tells you who he is. Be with your man sometime when he loses a game of some sort that he wanted or expected to win. (Bonus points if you’re the one who beats him.) Watch very carefully how he responds to defeat. A real winner knows it’s about remaining a winner, no matter the score.
he cant lose.. iphone 4s case. he nvr admit

he passed everything expect the 3 and last one.. :(

If you have any doubts that your significant other is "the one" for you, then put away the tarot cards and cancel that appointment with your psychic. We know the search for Prince Charming can be a tricky one, so we put together a list of 10 signs that prove he's Mr. Right:

1. Your friends approve-
 You'll know he's the right guy for you if your friends feel the same way. If your man hasn't earned your friends' stamp of approval, he might as well be waving a big red flag.

2. He gets along with your family- Introducing someone to your family can be awkward and tense-- we can thank Ben Stiller for his excellent portrayal of all the worst-case scenarios. However, if he does mesh with the fam and becomes an instant member of your Dad's "circle of trust," then you'll know he's a keeper.

3. He listens to you- Communication is the foundation to any good relationship. If you're trying to build a life with a guy who doesn't think that what you have to say is important, your relationship will inevitably come crashing down. You need a man who truly listens to you.

4. You share the same values- You may say "tomay-to" while he says "tomah-to," but there is no need to call the whole thing off. Just be certain that you both agree on what matters most in life. Finding a man who shares your ideals will make for a smooth ride.

5. He's the type of person you would be friends with- You should have the same standards in your love life as you do socially. If you're dating a guy who you would never be friends with, you might not be a good fit long-term.

6. You trust him- Without trust, your relationship is doomed to fail. If you can honestly say that you trust your man, you may have just found Mr. Right.

7He makes you feel special- We all know that new-relationship high a little too well, but those feelings tend to dwindle as the days and months progress. If your man is still able to give you butterflies well into the relationship, then you've hit the jackpot.

8. He talks about the future- In your search for Mr. Right, you have to remember that he is also looking for a Mrs. Right. If your significant other verbalizes his thoughts on your future together, then it's likely that he's also considering you to be that special someone.

9. You feel secure- A man who is financially unfit may not be a good life partner. If your significant other can't even take care of himself, how will he be able to take care of others? While we don't recommend gold digging your way to your next boyfriend, we do think it's important to feelsecure in your relationship and in your financial future together.

10. He loves you for you- Surprisingly, this part has to come from you, not him. If you aren't being true to yourself in a relationship, then he isn't falling for the real you. Although we all want to be seen as perfect, the facade will eventually crumble. Be yourself and if he still loves you, you know he's here to stay. 

How to decide if he's he mr right


    • 1
      Create a list of his positive and negative attributes. Determine how important the positive attributes are to your happiness and well-being and whether any of the negatives are deal breakers.

      Positive attributes
      i love him i felt happy when i see him
      his voice melt my heart..
      i felt secure and safe with him ard but he too protective.. wear shorts also cannot 
      he is very observant
      he is very alert
      he is humble even his family quite ok but he nvr show off 
      he nt materialistic like those pretty boy buy branded i cant stand
      he cooks n do housework but once a while lo.. he lazy pig
      get along well with my family but he said he doesnt wan to :(
      helpful but he said dont eve ask for his help :(
      gentleman +- cos too gentleman towards friends ok i contradict..
      he loves me? 
      he very loyal n faithful to me and i trust him.. but the amanda chong thingy :( he makes him his fav list..
      mature among those guy at his age he thinks bout our future
      he wants 430.. good i admire guys with 'ye xin'
      he works hard at his dad office.. i hate lazy guy
      he said he wil giv me a good life.. i felt secure.. mayb tts y he is da nan ren?

      negative attributes
      always scold me
      say me stupid
      poor time mgmt nvr spend time with me.. lunch i wan b with him only ut he always bring all his friends
      think too much always nvr trust me think i wil flirt n betray him
      treat friends too good beta than me lo
      too da nan ren
      always use his parents to rule me
      sometimes dont fel his love.. think tt im reli notin to him

    • 2
      Ask your friends and family what they think about him. Since these are the people who only want what is best for you, their opinion can help you take an honest look at your relationship.
      mummy said he is a good guy jus too controlling
      connie said he is good among all ok those are jerks.. but connie said he is mature.. 

    • 3
      Consider how much you have in common. Ask yourself if you and your partner have the same beliefs and values, and whether the two of you are truly compatible.
      shit.. i dont think so.. i love eat shopping travel
      he loves movie sing k bowling pingpong.. and none i likes :(

    • 4
      Think about how he treats you and how he makes you feel. Ask yourself if your partner makes you feel secure, respected and loved. If he treats you like a queen and respects you, asks yourself if you feel the same way about him.
      yesyesyes i felt secured 
      i dont fel he treat me like a queen lo.. more like a servant.. always scold me n say my stupid TT
      respect? ..... no.. cos he scold me?
      loved? sometimes TT

    • 5
      Determine whether or not you trust him. Trust and honesty are two of the most important factors when it comes to developing a positive and lasting relationship. Ask yourself if you trust your partner to be completely honest with you.
      i trust him 100% even he said the amanda issue actu i trust him i jus wana act angry n let him fel how does it fel when i suspect him n malign him as he always do tt to me..
      of cos im honest to him.. i hav notin to lie.. and i think he is honest to me too :)
      no he dont trust me :( i wil work harder to gain his trust


why do i write a blog..

you know why?
cos i dont like to let ppl know all the sadness in my life..
but i need to vent out my anger..
if not i wil go mad..

how to maintain a relationship?
often see other couples seems very happy..
even my dd n his ex..
but .. why do we always quarrel
i really wonder is it i not suitable to hv a bf?
is it my character and all?
but looking bad my iphone notes.. all the issues doesnt seems my prob lo..
is his character  !!!!!
but mayb is me myself being bias? i duno

SOS !!!

TT haiz...

sometimes reli hate myself for like to portray as a happy gf have a wonderful awesome bf..
i need someone to talk tooooo !!

Thank God for blogspot.. :)

November 23

Iphone 4s

Last Friday went to 2yi house..
Miyu wanted to get iphone 4s.. 
i offered to help..
and dd asked kevin to help..
we were talking on phone and i asked him reserve can only last one day rite? and i dont rem wad happen but i rem clearly he used very bad attitude and told me off. mayb i keep repeating n i doubt n asked him can kevin b trusted and all thats y he got pissed of.. i was so embarass cos he was yelling over the phone.. and 2yi n miyu was jus infront of me.. i hope they nvr hear..

today.. kevin said tt reserve can only last one day.. ok im so mad at his incompetence..
but im even more mad at dd.. i asked him.. and he scolded me? i asked him is it can only last a day? n he scolded me?

worst is.. now i confronted him he nvr admit his mistake.. and he said he wil nvr help me anymore and said tt im blaming him.. he jus nvr understand his problems.. i udst tt no one is perfect.. but such character is intolerance.. how can i spend my entire with this kind of man?


i felt so upset.. what should i do..